Plan Your Next Cape Cod Family Vacation

With its picturesque towns, beautiful beaches and limitless outdoor activities, Cape Cod has been a favorite family vacation destination for more than a century. Whether you’re traveling with tots or teens, there’s a nearly endless variety of attractions to enjoy.  

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Things to Do on Cape Cod this Spring

If you thought Cape Cod was only a summertime retreat, you’ve been missing out on the most magical time to visit this unforgettable destination. Spring arrives with a flourish with blooming flowers beyond compare, full access to hiking and biking trails, and delicious fresh local seafood. Best of all, springtime brings smaller crowds which means shorter lines and more intimate experiences. So why not tiptoe through the tulips, embrace new Easter traditions, and awaken to a healthier you this spring at Wequassett Resort and Cape Cod?

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The Best of Cape Cod in the Fall

With fewer crowds, warm days and cool nights, fall on Cape Cod inspires inner peace and quiet. Enjoy walks along deserted dunes and seashores, savor the last farewells of whales and seals before they return to their winter habitats or watch cranberry harvesters gathering fruit for Thanksgiving. If you're lucky, you might also catch Cape Cod's best well-kept secret - the abundance of vibrant fall foliage. 

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